Is It the End of One Size Fits All Skincare?

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By RobertBass

Have you ever thought why some people complain about a particular skincare product or brand while others keep praising it for making their skin glowing and healthy? An in-depth approach to this matter will make you realize that a skincare product works differently on every individual. In fact, skincare is not one size fit for all. The effectiveness of a product depends on the individual’s skin type, texture, age, and the seriousness of the skin issue that it is catering specifically. That is the reason why the trend of using personalized skincare products is rising speedily, whereas the generalized products are being abandoned by people.

Following are few insights that reflect how and why the concept of one size fits all skincare is vanishing gradually and people are more interested in customization of the products:

  • Acne-Prone Skin

If your skin is prone to acne, the skincare products that should be used vary a lot from the ones that individuals use with no acne problem. You must go for products that are specially formulated to combat blemishes and pimples, whether it is toner, cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliater or sunscreen. A product or brand that deals in ingredients that help in curing acne is the best for such skin. This idea supports personalized skincare and completely ignores one size fits all skincare products. Hence, there exists no place for standard products for acne-prone skin.

  • Age Factor

As you grow older, your skin changes drastically and consequently, your skincare needs also differ with age.  With increasing age, your skin loses its elasticity and thickness due to low collagen production. This means your mother who is in 60s, requires products that combat fine lines and signs of aging, rather than the general ones present on every other shelf in the market. The main aim is not to strive for unattainable skin beauty as young generation does, but to go for real-life results. Therefore, personalization automatically replaces standardization.

  • Location and Environmental Changes

With changes in temperature and environment, your current skincare range may not work well, as they were working before seasonal changes or your migration to another geographical location. If you are residing in a dry, hot climate, you will surely be needing skincare products that moisturize and hydrate your skin; whereas if you are residing in a windy, cold climate, you require products that give your skin maximum protection from such environment. Likewise, changes in diet due to weather conditions also create a large impact on your skin. All such factors give rise to personalized skincare products since the formula of one size fits all skincare products is not applicable here.

  • Different Skin Type and Tone

Your skin type tells your skin characteristics like amount of oil production, size of pores, the extent to which your skin can get pigmented or burnt, skin elasticity, sensitivity and so on. These differences are present because of your ethnicity, race and genetics. These different types of skin have different demands and respond to skincare products accordingly. Your moisturizer, scrub, toner and ant-aging creams will work effectively if they are made as per your skin type. In simple words, no single product can work best for everyone. Hence, personalized skincare products are the only solution and the notion of one size fits all skincare again flops here.

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