What to Look for in a Los Angeles Car Insurance Policy for Your New Teen Driver

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Parents have every right to feel some anxiety when their new teen driver in Los Angeles asks for the car keys. Afterall, Los Angeles has one of the most congested motorway systems in the country, leads the country in top five cities with the most car accidents, and when you throw a new, inexperienced driver into this setting, parents will likely feel nervous. One way to help bring some ease to the situation is to find the best Los Angeles car insurance policy for teen drivers designed to keep them safe and motivate them to practice safer driving habits.

Work with a Los Angeles Car Insurance Broker

A good Los Angeles car insurance broker doesn’t get kickbacks for recommending certain auto insurance companies; they actually hunt down a stack of policies and help find the best one for you and your teen driver. These car insurance professionals are unbiased, and genuinely want to help you get the best deal possible.

Determine if You Want Your Teen on Your Policy, or on His Own

You should talk with your insurance broker to determine if it is more apropos to have your teen driver added to your policy, or if he should get his own. Typically, it is cheaper to get your teen his own policy, as it will prevent your premium from going up. However, the latter option is safer as your mature policy and its benefits will extend to your teen in the event of an accident with few changes made. If your teen is looking to establish history as someone ready to enter adulthood and establish credit, getting him his own policy will certainly help in this endeavour. However, the benefits available to him won’t be as broad as the ones he could get if added to your policy, without paying a high rate.

Find an insurance Policy that Rewards Safe Driving

Some policies will reward teen drivers every quarter or year they don’t have an accident or get a traffic ticket. Some policies will reduce rates and improve the conditions around deductibles if they can make it through the year without any incidents. If your teen has to pay for his own insurance policy, safe driving will further motivate him to save money.

Look for Los Angeles Car Insurance Policies that Reward Students with Good Grades

While some Los Angeles car insurance policies reward students for maintaining a certain GPA, others reward students who get straight As by reducing the cost of the policy, or giving them additional benefits such as extra coverage, or the same coverage with a lower deductible. Studies show that students who get top grades are also usually safe drivers.

Get Roadside Assistance, It’s Well Worth It

Unfortunately parents don’t have crystal balls and we never know when our teen drivers will run into accidents. Whether they get a flat tire on a deserted country road, get stuck in the mud on one of their many adventures, slide off the road due to black ice, or simply encounter mechanical problems, knowing that a tow truck ride is within range, and covered by the policy gives both you and your teen peace of mind.

Get a Car Insurance Policy that Covers other Licensed Drivers

Kids will be kids, and house parties with alcohol are, and always will be, just part of being a teen. While you may not approve of teen drinking, there is no way to monitor your child 24/7. However, you can protect them by getting a Los Angeles car insurance policy that covers licensed designated drivers in the event your teen is intoxicated and unable to drive.

Look for Car Insurance Policies with Accident Forgiveness

Car accidents can happen, especially with new drivers. But one little accident shouldn’t destroy someone’s rate for years to come. That said, look for an insurance policy that offers accident forgiveness, like Nationwide. They offer accident forgiveness for young drivers on the first incident.

Read Reviews by Parents with Teen Drivers

In the event your teen is involved in an accident, and it was the other party’s fault but they are casting the blame at your teen driver, you will need an aggressive insurance company that will prove the other party wrong. This insurance company should also work with your attorney to turn over all the necessary documentation. When interviewing various companies offering policies for teen drivers, ask to see customer reviews and have them reveal their process for dealing with such scenarios.

Cameo Insurance can Find the Best Los Angeles Can Insurance Policy for Your Teen Driver

Car insurance companies in Los Angeles like Cameo Insurance care deeply for the local communities and are dedicated to protecting every driver, especially new, young drivers. Look them up, give them a call, and ask them to present you with a few options while outlining the pros and cons to each auto insurance policy for your teen driver, When you nail down the right policy, you are a parent will have better peace of mind knowing that your teen is protected by the best possible policy, while having more of an incentive to practice safe driving habits.

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