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By RobertBass

Sims 4 Weddings allow the player to experience a significant moment in their Sim’s lives. You can also earn Rewards depending on how your wedding goes. You can also earn a few Rewards depending on how the Wedding goes. For this guide, I needed good photos of the ceremony so I featured Blossom Wedding Venue by Lindsey Klusek. I used the cheat freerealestate to choose enchanted81’s Three Bedroom Bungalow as their home. These can both be found in Sims 4 Gallery by searching for the hashtag Carlsguide.

How to get Engaged?

Sims 4 allows for both traditional and gay weddings. To get sims 4 wedding must be engaged. You must first build up 40% friendship and romance between the Sims. They must first become Boyfriend/Girlfriend, then the Propose Gainesville Health and Fitness option will appear under the Romance menu. This is best done when both Sims feel happy and have a bit of romance between them, around 60%. Although the proposal will usually be accepted, you don’t want anything to go wrong. Your Sim could become mortified, which is a high-level embarrassment that can lead to Death. If your Sim becomes Mortified, you can run to a bed and choose ‘Hide from the World until it’s over. Then, build up relationships between the Sims. After Sims get engaged, you have the option to elope or hold a traditional wedding.


It can be difficult to plan a wedding and your Sim may not have many friends. You might consider eloping to get the job done. You can choose to Elope immediately and skip the wedding by selecting Romance from the menu. Or you can use a Wedding Arch, which is available under the buy mode menu. You don’t need to do anything extra, and they will instantly become husband/wife.

Start and Plan the Sims 4 Wedding

Know that the wedding cake should always be on your list of gifts to give. It is possible to make a cake ahead of time and keep it in the fridge so that you have one ready for when you need it. You can add a wedding topping by clicking on the cake. It’s possible to cook additional food as caterers don’t do a very good job. sims 4 wedding will eat food straight from the fridge and still have good moodlets.

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