The Worth of Flawed Diamonds and How to Sell Them

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By RobertBass

Diamonds are not all perfect, and some have internal flaws or inclusions which reduce their quality but don’t affect their appearances. The flawed diamonds are therefore sold cheaper than those considered perfect. Diamond clarity is determined by the visible flawsobserved on the diamond and the sizes of each imperfection.

The Beauty of Flawed Diamonds

The occurrence of flaws and inclusions in diamond is common and natural in precious minerals. The flaws do not necessarily mean that the diamond losses its value or appeal. Instead, they allow the piece to be considered special and instead used in jewellery to bring outunique characteristics. Furthermore, the flaws are always an indication of interference, replacement or misappropriation of the pieces during their identification. Most flawed diamonds can also be repaired, and the flaws removed to make them more aesthetic.

Types of Flaws and InclusionsFound in Diamonds.

  1. Cleavages are straight cracks through the diamond that alter and interfere with the stability of the diamond piece.
  2. Bearding refers to the flaws created by cutting diamondshence resulting in hair-like stress lines.
  3. Pinpoints occur in crystals within diamonds, making them look cloudy, hence reducing their clarity.
  4. Growth lines are formed when the crystallization of the diamond occurs irregularly hence forming grain lines.
  5. Feathers are small feather-like patterns within a diamond that make it weak and breakable when formingup to the diamond surface.
  6. Laser lines are formed when inclusions are being removed from a diamond by artificial activities.

Surface Blemishes

Surface blemishes occur in the external parts of the diamond and are formed during the formation of the precious mineral. Other blemishes result from processes such as cutting and wearing them. The most common types of surface blemishes include:

  • Pits are holes on the surface or shallow pits which can be polished off.
  • Scratches
  • Nicks refers to the chips found on the surface.

Selling Flawed Diamonds Online for Cash

When dealing with online diamond sales, any type and quality of the diamond is valuable and can be sold. Some people gather various flawed diamonds and sell them together for more significant amounts of money to online buyers. When selling flawed diamonds, they are first examined then appraised before the owner is paid. This process usually takes less time, and within 24 hours, the owner gets paid. The online selling options provide owners with high prices on the bought diamonds. Some purchases may not be satisfactory to the flawed diamond owner, and they are always allowed to return the money in the form of a cheque and repossess the diamond in a few days. Additionally, online buyers take full responsibility for the diamond from the moment the owner sends it to the mail. They have placed insurance from any damages or loss on items sent to them.


The number and sizes of the internal flaws and inclusions in diamonds indicate their clarity hence their quality. When grading diamonds as per their clarity levels, they are judged by the number of visible imperfections to the naked eye. Some flaws and inclusions can be removed and eliminated from the piece to raise its value. However, flawed diamonds still have value and can be sold in cash, especially to online buyers.

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