8 Different Types Of Necklace “Figaro Chain” Explained

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By RobertBass

Ball figaro Chain Chain

Bead chains are also known as ball chains. They are made up of orbs that are connected by bars. Ball chains are casual and urban-chic. They can be paired with small pendants or a figaro chain necklace to create a chic, urban look. This necklace is made from simple materials such as steel and nickel and is easy to replace.

Box Chain

The box chain, also called the “Venetian Chain”, is anything but simple. It’s symmetry at its best. The design is made up of interconnected square links and has a natural, yet distinctive visual appeal. The box chain is comfortable to wear, durable and can withstand additional hardware. It also works well with other chains, giving you endless styling possibilities.

Necklace made of cable figaro Chain

1.Figaro Chain 

The cable chain is versatile and can be dressed up or down. Cable chains can be made using interlocked oval or round links. They also come in different lengths. They can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, and can be easily Bapesta repaired if necessary.

2.Cord Chain

Cord chains can be used to highlight pendants on a figaro chain. They are easy to wear and make a great backdrop for statement pieces. You can layer them with other necklaces for an extra-edgy update.

3.Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain is a classic with a touch of boldness. The chain is made up of three to five small, oval, or round links, with larger links between. This gives it an elevated durability, which can be used as a pendant or worn by itself.

4.Link Chain

With the advent of the paperclip, fashion-forward chain designs have gained popularity. Link chains are made up of flat, wide, alternating metal links that are connected by thin, flat strips. They can be lengthened or shortened to suit your style.

5.Rolo Chain

The Rolo chain is made up of solid round links. The Rolo chain has a distinct look, just like its cable brother. It is made using symmetrical round links.

6.Rope Chain

The rope chain is a popular choice for necklaces. It offers luxury and durability. The rope chain’s unique twisting design creates a shimmering effect as light reflects off its varied surface. This chain design gives you that WOW factor by mixing metals such as silver and yellow gold.

7.Snake Chain

The snake chain necklace is elegant and simple, making it a great choice for any occasion. The beautiful semi-rigid layout and stunning lay make this a great backdrop for stones or pendants. Figaro chains are comfortable to wear, thanks to the tightly woven plates and bands. Snake chains are easy to maintain, making them a more attractive necklace option.

8.Wheat figaro chain

This timeless design combines nature and texture. This wheat chain is made of one-directional, twisted oval links. It resembles the appearance of wheat stalk tips. This strong, semi-rigid chain can be used as a foundation for accessories or as a classic statement necklace.

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