How to spot a fake bathing ape “Bapesta”

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By RobertBass

Bapestas, a symbol of A Bathing Ape’s famous brand, are the iconic product. The Bapesta Low sneakers are also available in many colours, which people love.

It is hard to not say that the Bapesta Low sneakers are reminiscent of a pair of shoes we already know, but the Bapestas are also unique.

There are many replicas of the Bapestas that once adorned the world. It is frustrating to know which pair is authentic and which one is fake.

This is why we have created this ultimate fake Bapesta Low legit checking guide. Only by reading it will you be able to identify fake Bapestas.

How to spot fake Bapesta Low Sneakers?

You can easily spot fake Bapesta low Alma Versano sneakers by looking at their size tags. The fake Bapestas have their inscriptions printed on a small piece of fabric that is the right thickness (font weight). As they don’t leak any information, authentic Bapesta Low sneakers always use the same font weight for all characters.

Step 1: Interior size tag for fake vs. real Bapesta shoes

We will be going inside the sneakers to verify the size tags. This is the first step in our guide on how to spot fake A Bathing Ape Bapesta shoes.

We mentioned it a while back that the best way to determine the authenticity of a pair Bapestas is to look at the size tag. That’s why, when legit checking Bapestas we tell everyone to check the size tags.

Step 2: Newer model comparison – fake vs real size tags

Bapesta sneakers have been around for a while. They are being reproduced in both the older and newer versions.

We will first look at the Bapesta fake and real sneakers. They are the size of the latest models.

Above, you can see the comparison of the authentic and fake Bapesta Low sneakers. We have highlighted two major flaws in the fake pair’s size tags.

You can see that the fake pair’s two-letter text “US” looks too thin. It is also too small compared to its real counterpart.

The authentic ‘ “US” text appears thicker, larger, and more defined than that of the fake.

We now move to the lower part of the label. This is where we find the text “* A BATHING APE(r),” which is too small and too short. However, the text on the real shoes is thicker and larger than the fake.

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