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Whether you are planning to install air conditioning in your property for the first time in Singapore , or are considering updating or upgrading your air conditioning system, there are a few things you should consider before making a decision. Depending on the type of facility you want to install air conditioning, the best choice you can make is to install the most suitable air conditioning unit from the perspective of energy efficiency, environmental protection, and cost effectiveness. The cost of installing or operating an air conditioning unit is not low, so it is important that your aircon unit serves your property in the best possible way.

To assist you in finding the best air conditioning system for your property, take some time to find a knowledgeable Singapore technician who is experienced in installing aircon units in similar types of property. While many people think that the process is simple and the air conditioning system can be installed anywhere, the considerations are more complicated. Whether you choose installation on a drained, ductless, water-cooled , or variable flow cooling system, installation considerations will also vary based on the characteristics of your office or house building. For more information , please visit Mastercool Aircon Servicing Singapore.

It is very important that you do not rush to install the aircon and seek the advice of a qualified and experienced technician to make the right decision on Singapore aircon installation . Before buying a new air conditioner, you should consider the following. By looking at the following, you will provide the right information to you or your technician to install the best air conditioning unit in your accommodation.

Insulation performance

How effective is the insulation of your property? Insulation helps limit heat flow between the external and internal environments. By protecting the property and creating an insulating layer, you will be able to better regulate the internal temperature without using the cooling system excessively. If your home is ventilated or not installed properly, your air conditioning unit will not operate effectively.


The height of your ceiling will affect the performance of your aircon unit in Singapore. The greater the space inside a room, the more air that needs to be cooled. This will require you to install an air conditioning unit with greater power so that the room can be adequately cooled when the temperature is high.

Type of roof

The sloping roof helps reflect sunlight and heat from your accommodation. Also, a larger gap above the building ceiling will help keep heat out of the room as the hot air will rise. However, a Singapore flat metal roof will absorb heat and help retain it, which requires the air conditioning system to work harder.

Property size

You need to know How many rooms do you want to cool? If you want to cool the room, one unit is enough. For some rooms, a piping system is ideal. Depending on the number of rooms, you will need to increase the size of the aircon system as more power (kW) is needed to cool the area.

Windows and floors

Consider whether you have carpeted, wood or tiles floors, and how many windows are in each room. All windows should have shutters, and floors should be closed to prevent the loss of cold air to the outside environment.

Resident requirements

Residents may have conditions that you need to meet. For business environments, OHS obligations require a temperature -controlled environment so that employees can work effectively without endangering their health. At home, you may need to install the area so that you can control the needs of each room.

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