How to save electricity with an air conditioner

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By RobertBass

Air conditioning is a necessity due to the harsh Australian climate. Despite the comfort they provide, rising electricity costs mean that we must also deal with them. It’s not all bad news. Looking for trusted aircon services in Singapore, then look for us. Our Aircon Servicing Singapore team includes qualified technicians with many years of industry experience. Contat Mastercool Aircon Servicing Now also offer various options for repair installations, chemical cleaning and maintenance contracts. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied when we meet your air conditioner requirements in Singapore. Here are some ways to save electricity when using an air conditioner.

This summer, raise the temperature

The Air Conditioning Advisory Centre in Brisbane says this tip will make a big difference to your electricity bills. The 21-23deg range is the most popular setting for AC temperatures in Queensland during summer. Setting the AC temperature at 25deg or 24deg can be more comfortable and save you money. The same principle can be applied to winter. A small adjustment in temperature can make all the difference.

Cool the space you use

Use the zoning options if you have an AC system. This will ensure that you only cool or warm areas that are being used. You can also invest in a portable AC system or split system that only cools/warms the area you are in.

Upgrade to newer, more efficient AC units

You can save electricity by using an AC that has an energy rating. The AC’s energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness will be determined by how many stars it has. Older models are often less efficient and use more energy. You will save more money by investing in a more efficient AC unit.

Select the best AC unit for you property

It is more difficult to heat or cool homes and spaces that have high ceilings or lots of windows. The AC that you choose will depend on the size of the rooms you need to cool or heat. Our air conditioning Brisbane experts can help you pick the right AC for you.

Winter is a time to keep warm

Warm yourself by wearing a sweater, warm socks, and a cup of hot tea or coffee. An electric blanket can be used to cover you for those times when you want to relax. These blankets are more efficient than relying on an AC to warm your whole house. Summer is a good time to wear lighter clothes.

Save With the Air Conditioning Advisory Centre

The Air Conditioning Advisory Centre is happy to help you find the most energy-saving solutions that suit your needs. Air conditioning services are offered for commercial and residential premises.