Introducing Industrial Vibes

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By RobertBass

Taking its influence from the industrial revolution, the industrial interior vibe is perhaps considered one of the most on trend styles of 2021 and is particularly easy to adopt. Industrial is a particularly weathered and rustic look, including lots of natural material such as metal, wood and concrete. The perfect thing about natural, raw materials in the home is that they are simply timeless. The distance your interior will travel whilst using natural materials really helps you extend the life of your design and furniture, without the need to adapt to various trends each year.

Door Handles

Starting with your door handles, adapting a stripped back, naturally sourced look for your interior door handles is a beautiful base to begin your interior make-over. Buster & Punch display a beautiful range of door handles made from solid metal and characterized by their cross-signature knurl pattern to give you an extraordinary look and feel. Their door handles come in a variety of finishes and designs.  Not to mention the long lasting, hardwearing quality of a brilliantly sourced door handle, you will get a lot of life from adapting an industrial vibe for your interior doors. 


Image Source: Buster & Punch 


You could consider pairing your lighting with your door handles to create a natural flow of industrial revolution vibes throughout your interior design. The smaller, finer details really count in this instance. Whilst lighting is considered a more expensive affair, it is worth investing in something more natural and long lasting to begin with so that your expensive light fittings don’t go out of fashion in a short period of time. 

Image Source: Buster & Punch


The options for mirrors are endless. A beautiful way to incorporate natural materials is including a rustic mirror. The natural wood or metal creates textures inside your interior décor which add a touch of elegance yet an industrialised vibe throughout. Remember, industrial style doesn’t have to be for a building site and can be beautifully adapted to suit your home. Additionally, adding a mirror to your space particularly if you’re using dark features will not only lighten the place up but will give the effect of more space.

Top tip: If your room doesn’t pick up much natural light, placing your mirrors opposite the windows allows light to reflect around the room creating a warm and inviting environment. 

Home Accessories 

Home accessories can vary in many ways. The choices are endless when deciding what to go for but ensuring you stay on the industrial trend is important. Look here at Buster & Punch, their range of home accessories is simply stunning, not to mention the industrialised design to match your décor throughout. You can finalise your décor by adding a touch of greenery to your industrial interior, it is the perfect way to get a small pop of colour without over doing it. Accessorising with the right plant is the perfect way to add those finishing touches in to round off your interior.

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