The Best Benefits of ACE Racing Clutches

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The Best Benefits of ACE Racing Clutches Kit Power Force Ceramic Twin Disc

PowerForce Clutch. The ACE Racing Clutches PowerForce Twin Disc clutch Kit is the perfect performance upgrade for 2011-2013 S550 GT Mustangs with more power than the factory. The PowerForce Twin Disc Clutch Kit, a performance-oriented clutch, uses twin cerametallic friction disks in an 8-pad design for superior control. It can handle up to 1150 ft.lbs of torque (at crank), making it ideal for street use or on the drag strip.

Centrifugal lever assisted. ACE Racing Clutches PowerForce features ACE Racing Clutches patented Centrifugal Assist lever technology. The centrifugal force increases with increasing rpm. This lifts the levers, which in turn increases the leverage of arms pressing down on the rings. This allows for greater lockup at higher rpms. For minimal pedal effort, centrifugal assistance allows for 30% more pressure to be applied throughout the operating rpm. This results in a greater ability to hold the torque while maintaining the required pressure.

Sprung Hub Discs. ACE Racing Clutches PowerForce are designed with sprung hub disk centers. The sprung hub reduces gear rattle and provides smoother engagement. This will improve the life of your Mustang’s transmission.

Aluminum Flywheel. The included ACE Racing Clutches flywheel, which is CNC machined from 6065 aluminium for its high heat capability, durability, and lightweight, has been specifically designed to reduce inertia for better engine response. The ACE Racing Clutches Flywheel has a ring gear with 164 teeth and an 8-bolt crank.

Light weight Unlike other performance clutches made from heavy stamped steel, the ACE Racing Clutches PowerForce Clutch has been CNC machined from 7075T6 aluminum. This gives it superior strength, durability, and light weight. This ACE Racing Clutches Kit, which includes an aluminum flywheel, is approximately 15 to 25 pounds lighter than the factory set.

Application Specifications:

  • Fits: 2011-2013 GT equipped with a MT82 transmission
  • Dimensions of the disc: 10″ X 23TX1″
  • Torque Rating: Maximum 1150 Ft-lbs at crank
  • Included: Clutch and Flywheel, Alignment Tool (Alignment Tool), Throw-out Bearing Shims, Hardware
  • It is recommended to add an SR Performance Braided Stainless Steel Hydraulic Clutch line during your clutch installation. During aggressive driving, stock plastic clutch lines may fail. Stainless steel clutch lines are stronger and more reliable than plastic ones, which can cause gear lockout.


  • Performance Upgrade for Street or Strip
  • Capable of handling up to 1150 Ft-lbs Torque (at the crank)
  • Two Cerametallic Friction Discs
  • The Centrifugal Lever Assist increases Applied Pressure
  • Minimal Pedal Effort
  • Aluminium Construction Lightweight
  • Clutch and 8 Bolt Flywheel Included
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits 2011-2013 GT with MT-82 Transmission

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