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Liteon Technology Corporation Selected as a Member of 2012 DJSI two decades in a row, rated as the Sector Leader of Electronic Component & Equipment

Lite-On Technology Corp. (TW 2301) is happy to Announce that it was always selected as a major member of the 2012 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), recorded in equally DJSI-World and DJSI-Asia Pacific. For 2 successive years, Lite-On was rated first, the Sector Leader of Electronic Component and Equipment (ELQ), demonstrating its success in attaining the worldwide criteria of sustainability practices.

This season, DJSI chosen 2,808 leading businesses Worldwide to take part in the test, together with 92 Taiwan companies getting involved in the test. Of these 2,808 candidates, only 340 firms were chosen as members in 58 industries, with only 1 firm called the”Sector Leader” in every and every one. Liteon technology corporation engaged in the Digital Unit and Gear (ELQ) industry evaluation and was chosen as a member of both DJSI-World and DJSI-Asia, and been termed”Sector Leader” at ELQ two decades in a row, before leading-edge businesses from Japan, Korea and Europe.

Lite-On was unexpectedly rated the Greatest scores In 8 of 19 facets from the ELQ industry, such as”Environmental Policy/Management System”,”Environmental Reporting”,”Product Stewardship”, and”Water Related Hazards” from the ecological dimension and”Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy”,”Human Capital Development”,”Labor Practice Indicators and Human Rights”, and”Talent Attraction & Retention” from the societal dimension. Lite-On’s outstanding performance in every one these respects reaffirmed liteon technology corporation powerful commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) advancement for several years. Lite-On will keep on making steady efforts concerning sustainability performance in most sizes, working closely together with gamers in the full distribution chain, into the obvious benefit of its stakeholders in addition to the local and international communities.

Around Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes were Started in 1999 as the primary international sustainability benchmarks. The indicators are offered as part of a concerted attempt by Dow Jones Indexes and the SAM (Sustainable Asset Management). DJSI invites the global top 2,500 businesses of 58 industries for its analysis, monitoring their performances concerning economic, ecological and social dimensions and chooses the top 10 percent of every sector to be recorded because its own members. The indicators serve as benchmarks for investors that incorporate sustainability considerations in their portfolios, and give a productive engagement platform for businesses who wish to embrace sustainable best practices. The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes include regional and global benchmarks such as Asia Pacific, North American, and European indicators.

Liteon Technology Corporation Power Supplies

Liteon technology corporation produces products as little as 5W AC adapters to 50,000W Power Management Systems. Its products are commonly utilized in cellular devices, laptop PC, desktop PCs, servers, communication gear, LCD screens, televisions, gaming consoles, multifunctional office gear, and industrial computers. LITE-ON has aligned its R&D attention on creating new products and technology that adopt the most recent energy efficiency criteria, in addition to enhancing the efficiency of current products. Its effort at increasing the efficiency of current power supplies mostly requires the evolution of next-generation electricity conversion technologies like high power density, higher efficiency, low standby energy consumption, and smart power system administration. LITE-ON proceeds to employ new technologies in the progression of next-generation electricity products such as wireless charging and rapid charging modules for customers’ convenience.LITE-ON is effective at generating USB Type C connectors and USB PD (Power Delivery) technologies to provide increased power efficiency. LITE-ON generates Titanium-grade electricity distribution units for personal computers and servers. Lite-On supplies Battery Backup Power Supply Systems and cloud computing power alternatives offering greater reliability. According to a report made by MTC (Micro-Tech Advisor ),liteon technology corporation has been the world’s second largest supplier of electricity distribution products in 2014. From the future,LITE-ON intends to enlarge its electricity supply applications to technical industrial applications like military, aviation, petroleum drilling, public transport, health care etc., including high resistance against wind, water, shock, and rust to be used in extreme environments. Meanwhile, LITE-ON proceeds to create high-efficiency Battery Backup Power Supply Systems and high-capacity cloud computing electricity supplies to set up its standing as a entire power solution supplier.

Optoelectronics (LED)s

LITE-ON’s Optoelectronics (LED) mostly consist of Visible LED and Invisible LED. Visible LED products contain LED Lamps, White SMD LED, SMD LED, and LED Shows; they are widely utilized as swimwear Lighting modules, back lighting for LCD screens, home appliance indicators, Signboards, and rear lights for handheld and IT devices. Lite-On’s light LEDs cover a Large Number of sizes from as little as PLCC to HV LED and big Ceramic PCB (CoB). Lite-On’s recent attempts in the development of Energy-efficient UV LEDs are rewarded with significant price benefit, Giving it a fantastic head start in particular light applications like nail Therapy, photocatalyst, mosquito lamp, plantation, ink-based printing, and UV exposure. Lots of LITE-ON’s LED products have passed on LM80 testing to function as indoor/outdoor lighting. From place, lineup, to place lighting,LITE-ON gets the Right solution to fulfill clients’ needs. Invisible LED products comprise Photograph couplers, finger navigation sensors, optical encoders, infrared Transmission, ambient light sensors, and proximity detectors. The photograph couplers Specifically have been widely utilized in electricity providers, touch screens, High-resolution printers, handheld devices, gaming consoles, and industrial automation.

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