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We have a collection of fun Tennis Racket clipart. This old tennis graphic shows a little girl holding a tennis racket while she prepares to hit the court. You will find scale drawings of rackets from the day, as well as a silhouette of two tennis players. Although tennis equipment has advanced to a great degree, the fundamentals of tennis and golf have not changed. These are all beautiful images that you can use for your DIY or craft projects. These images would be great for Mixed Media and Masculine Card Making projects. You might be able to use one to make something special for a friend who is a tennis lover.


This is the latest addition to this collection. Above is a sweet little girl wearing a pink dress. It seems that ace racing clutches she is a little too dressed up to play in a tennis match. She seems determined to play.

The lovely woman pictured above, who is holding a tennis racket clipart or badminton. The beautiful woman is wearing a white gown and holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands. It’s so pretty!


This is an old dictionary picture of two Tennis Racket Clipart. As you can see, the top racket is heavier duty due to its thick shaft. The number 2 racket has a shorter head and a thinner shaft. It is likely to be lighter than the number 1. Both of them must have been at the top at that point in history.

We have an amazing free clipart image of a tennis racket clipart! This adorable picture depicts an old tennis racket made from wood. The thick shaft and handle, along with the laminated racket head that can be seen from the curved lines on the racket would have made this a sturdy racket. To make this racket, a skilled woodworker would be required. Because it was less likely that it would crack, racket heads with more lamination layers were stronger. This is a black-and-white Sports Image, which I scanned from an 1880’s Hardware/Household Goods Catalog.

Above is a vintage tennis racket clipart image. Two men are playing tennis in this black-and-white silhouette illustration. This image was taken from a Circa 1941/1942 Printer’s Catalog. These men are wearing long pants if you look closely. They didn’t wear shorts back then. It must have been quite uncomfortable to wear shorts on a hot day.

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