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After the Pack Pride application is received, we will review it to determine if the dog that you are interested in is a good match for your family.

If we decide you are a good candidate to adopt one of our dogs, we will reach out to you to arrange a meet-and-greet at home.

  • We’ll do a quick check at your home to make sure that you and your dog are compatible.
  • If all goes well, we will approve the adoption of pack pride.
  • If you are going on vacation and see a dog, please do not complete the application.
  • Wait until you are ready. This is unfair to the dog, us and all other adopters who have been waiting.

If you’re expecting a baby, do not apply. Your attention to pack pride should be on your baby, not a puppy. Your attention and training will be necessary for the puppy or dog to succeed.

  • Except for a dog who requires a fenced yard, a fenced yard may not be necessary.
  • If there are any specific requirements for a dog, please read the BIO.
  • Although we can adapt from state to state, there is no transportation.
  • The Ultimate in Pack Pride: Employees whose children joined the pack

NC State employees are some of the most loyal advocates and supporters. We know you support our teams and tell others that NC State has some of the most outstanding academic programs in the country. Some of you are de facto recruiters because you are so enthusiastic. You could argue that no one knows this university as well as you. It’s not surprising that some of our employees end up going to NC State with their children.

We’re sharing the stories of employees and their children, who began their first year at NC State last Wednesday to celebrate the beginning of the school year. Students share their reasons for choosing NC State and parents talk about how proud they feel that their children have joined the Pack Pride.

Family Legacy

Carsyn Gilmore is currently a student at NC State to carry on the family legacy.

Charles Holland, her grandfather, is a 1966 NC State graduate. Judy Holland, her grandmother worked for Holladay Hall for 2 years to pay her husband’s tuition.

Gilmore’s mother Jennifer Gilmore is also a grad from NC State. She graduated in 1990 and has been employed at NC State nasdaq:unit since 2008. She is currently the Director of Marketing and Communication for Campus Enterprises. Carsyn Gilmore is the mother of 11 family members, including Ron Gilmore, her father.

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