Here are 6 things you should know about wedding invitations: Save the Date

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By RobertBass

1. What should be on your save-the date?

Save-the-date used to be a card or object that contained the basic information about a couple’s marriage. Many couples now include additional details such as the wedding location (aside from their names and wedding dates) in their personal save-the-date. This allows their guests to plan ahead, particularly if they live overseas. A link to your website may be helpful to provide additional information about your wedding day.

2. Should you include a method to RSVP?

While early RSVPs can help you plan for your turnout better, it is possible that your plan will not work out. While you may have friends who meticulously record your important date on their calendars, what about those who procrastinate? They may forget all about it!

3. Do you need to include information from your registry?

In your affordable save the dates, it is inappropriate to mention where you are registered. This information should be included if you have or plan to create a wedding website.

4. Which type of save-the date should I use?

It used to be a card but creativity is now the rule. You have many options for a save the date, such as magnetic objects or objects with personalized printing. Traditional cards are a good option to save money. This saves time, allows for personalization and creativity without compromising. Online, you can find many ideas for clear save the date cards.

5. What is the best way to start a design?

Don’t worry if you don’t have the talent for design. Many software programs are available that can help. Websites that offer pre-designed templates for save-the-date are a good option. There are many options available, and you will find one that suits your needs. This is especially important if you don’t want to have to create a design from scratch.

6. What design should you choose?

Ensure that the designs reflect your personality and that of your spouse. Your save-the-date should be eye-catching. It should also have a color theme that matches your wedding theme. This save-the-date is not as formal as the actual invitation process. So relax, follow your gut and have fun!

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