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What Is it?

Papa Recipe’s Bombee Honey Mask doesn’t require that much intro with the crazy buzz that has actually been humming around since it has actually appeared! For those of you who have not found out about it before however, it is a sheet mask that is suggested to give a boost of hydration for all skin types– whether it be dry, typical, oily or perhaps delicate.

It’s not made to replace your skin care routine yet to be used as a supplement similar to all face masks. When your skin is feeling a little dry or exhausted, popping this on for 20-30mins can aid give it the soothing and moisture it needs to face another day. Hereafter, you can do not hesitate to add your regular skin care regimen ahead.

Papa Recipe is likewise pleased to acknowledge that they protest animal testing and that this mask is alcohol and paraben complimentary.

When you initially open your Bombee Honey Mask, you’ll instantaneously observe that the sheet mask is definitely drenched as well as drowning in the significance offered with the mask. Like I’m talking you might do 2 masks with the quantity of significance that they provide you!

It does have a somewhat gloopy structure, but undoubtedly that’s to be expected with a ‘honey’ mask. After utilizing the mask for 20-30mins, it does not feel so gloopy anymore but still has a lightly gaudy appearance that dries out off and discolors after some time.

It’s probably not the best mask to utilize before a full make-up appearance yet a fantastic mask to make use of during the night time I think.

And also since it’s a honey mask, it does have quite an obvious honey scent to it. It’s not the regular sweet honey smell you could be utilized to in the cooking area, yet somewhat more of that natural manuka honey scent.

In terms of packaging, it doesn’t differ quite to every other sheet mask– it’s your straightforward plastic/foil tear open packaging. What I would certainly mention though is that due to the fact that the product is so ragingly popular, there are in fact lots of imitation versions of Papa Recipe’s Bombee Honey Mask being marketed around the world online and also in store.

So what Papa Recipe has actually done is that on each of their sheet mask packages, they’ve consisted of an authenticity sticker/seal. It’s a holographic sticker with 2 lines of ‘code’ that can be checked in a Papa Recipe application to examine the masks credibility.

So please be careful with your acquisitions– possibilities are if the rate is too excellent to be true … it’s possibly too great to be true. Imitation products aren’t kept an eye on so they do not need to play by the policies. The item you get might have totally various active ingredients.

than those marketed as well as can do even more damage than good to your skin!

The Ingredients

It is truthfully among the most gratifying things to see as well as makes it 100% guilt complimentary for me to put on my face each time. Certainly, the only thing that bugs me is the scent yet I’m going to allow that a person slide for today …

For products that promote ‘ all-natural components’ or ‘star active ingredients’, it’s constantly great to see these ingredients on top of the list. In this instance, honey and propolis are the 4th & 5th component respectively with the concentration of honey being 1000ppm.

The Results

So the judgment from the wetness meter agrees with exactly how my skin really feels. After using it for 30mins, my face certainly really feels a boost of wetness that lingers around for an excellent while. It’s a mask that really feels actually excellent on skin if you’re seeing your skin has been really feeling a little bit tight, half-cracked or simply dull.

I do prefer to add my normal skin routine in addition to the mask specifically during the night as I discover that my skin looks favorably glowy the next morning if I do. The results that I see on my face after usage mostly includes reduced lines (that are from dehydration not aging!), much less of a tight sensation, much less flakiness and also momentarily plumper skin.

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