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Philosophy Cards involves a combination of the framework of Tarot Cards with philosophical concepts. You will be able to develop the future you want and embrace your freedom of existence. View it in this perspective; Traditional Tarot can be a form of discovering our path of life via insight and self-discovery into the real nature, rather than inclining to the customary notion of finding out the meaning (self-discovery or self-perception). Philosophy Cards get insights from the Existentialism philosophy (relating ideas influencing Existentialism). The design allows us to come up with our self-creation (meaning).

They comprise of the following

The Traditional The Existential Tarot Deck consists of seventy-eight cards. Sixteen court cards, forty minor arcana cards, and twenty-two major arcana cards. The card interpretation shifts as per the card position in the layout and its association with different other cards. This allows broad cards interpretations depending on the view of their symbolism and placement.

Philosophy Cards insist on the interpretation role by storing the tarot card structure while substituting the symbolism with ideas from Existentialism. In other words, the beginning of the interpretations of Philosophy Cards are ideologies, which focus on the function of freedom and responsibilities. All of this move on the idea of the existence of human beings. Philosophers like Martin Heidegger, Simon De Beauvoir, Albert Camus, and Jean-Paul Sartre take up a central part of the Philosophy Cards.

If I know nothing concerning the philosophy 

Do not worry since it is not mandatory to have philosophy knowledge to utilize Philosophy Cards. For a fact, Philosophy Cards will assist you to study philosophy. These cards come along with a Handy Guidebook, which discusses the concepts of philosophy applicable to each card. The minute you find out insight concerning yourself, you are additionally exposing your brain to appropriate ideas of philosophy in a super and easy fun way.

Let’s talk about art

A maximum of seventy-eight cards is going to have a design of Tom McCloskey, an incredible visual artist. The images for the cards are naturally on the Stonehenge paper with gouache, gesso, ink and coffee. Philosophy cards stand in the place of the principal arcana with a suit known as “WORLD.” All the twenty-two cards stand for a different dimension of Existential Relationship with the globe. The digits selected for the various cards represent the concept of philosophy for all cards.

 The four suits remaining represent a particular relevant existing aspect of what we encounter in our daily lives. All of this is minimal knowledge into the extent to where someone can go to transform the world and themselves. These four suits involve action, reason, emotion, and will. The image selected to portray the four suits are almost same as the original Tarot Concept as a deck used to play the cards. The Androcentric Court from the customary Tarot Deck is going to be in the place of Gender Balance Court. At the back of the cards, there is a Greek Symbol Abstraction Philosophy. It is a creation of an incredible Graphic Artist known as Silvia Lasmar.

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