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For everyone, Christmas is a special season where everyone gets innovative and creates memories, which can have a long-lasting effect. Creating Santa plate, going out on the eve of Christmas holding Reindeer’s carrot, Santa’s mince pie, and ensure he is warm by providing a glass of sherry. There is a famous Christmas tradition that requires one to leave out some cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. You can share with your family an incredible craft experience by making this festive season something memorable and extra special. It is fun to paint plates; the activity is great for all age groups. Sincerely speaking you will be happy about the amount of fun that surrounds a plate painting exercise. The activity is not an ordinary work of art like decorating house walls. These special plates will be part of your family Holiday Art Set traditions, an essential part of any meal and best moments. “Cookies for Santa plates” enable families and children to embrace arts by engaging in an activity that creates lasting memories.

Requirements for Creating a Plate for Santa

  • A plain dinner plate (Or you can buy a cheap plate)
  • Painting equipment.
  • Acrylic paints.
  • Sharpie markers.

How to Make a Plate for Santa

In all houses that Santa passes by, there’s his drink and a plate with treats. Apart from buying a plate from the supermarket, you can use the one that is available at home. Carefully set up the crafting area. The area usually gets messy, and it’s a section for having fun while creating a Santa plate.

Making use of a cookies cutter as the format, you can draw for instance a star at the top of the plate. Another practical example involves creating a snowflake stamp with the help of a bottle cap and a foam sticker. In the process of painting the crafts you can listen to Christmas music together with your family. It creates the Christmas mood and ensure everyone is enjoying each moment. After placing all the pieces together, leave the plate to dry.

Sharpie Pen and Acrylic Paints are not suitable when using dishwashers. You can wash lightly with your hands. However, there is nothing to worry about since the plate will only be put to use on the Eve of Christmas. 

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Another simple technique involves: You can paint your kid’s foot/hand and allow them to press it on the plate (Tell them not to run around because it will be slippery). Write “Cookies for Santa” and use ceramic pens to sketch Christmas lights. The moment you are happy with craft, take out your baking pan and place the plate on top. Bake for about thirty minutes on three hundred degrees. Make sure that you don’t preheat the oven. Allow the plate to gradually warm up with the oven to make sure the painting stays intact. Remove it and give it time to cool. Make a point of looking for ceramic paint that is toxic-free if you want to use it for edible cookies.

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