Yoga Burn: Introduction

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This review is about Yoga Burn, a program that helps women shape their bodies digitally. Zoe Bray Cotton is a female transformation specialist and internationally certified personal trainer. Digital Health Solutions Inc. collaborated on the creation of this product.

This 12-week program aims to help women lose weight and shape their bodies in the shortest time possible. It can be divided into three phases of increasing difficulty: Transformational Flow (Foundational Flow), and Mastery Flow (Mastery Flow). Zoe Bray-Cotton introduced this new type of yoga, called “Dynamic Sequencing Yoga”. This program has the best feature that you can do your yoga at home.

Yoga Burn videos can be purchased as Regymen Fitness a set that includes Yoga Burn DVDs and a digital version compatible on any mobile device, laptop or desktop.

The Genetic Basis for Weight Loss

How your body loses or retains weight depends on how genetic makeup plays. Some people are more susceptible to obesity than others. Knowing how your genes influence your weight will help you select a weight loss program that is most in line with your body’s natural abilities. Lifestyle choices can also contribute to weight gain.

A healthy weight can help reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. Customers can use genetic testing to help them create a personalized health plan. Genes play a role in how people are fat and how they burn fat. They also influence how easy it is for someone to gain weight back after eating a healthy diet. You can find out if you have certain genes, such as Nebula Genomics.

The Dynamic Sequencing Yoga Burn Science

Zoe Bray Cotton popularized Dynamic Sequencing yoga burn. This new strategy is based on the completion of a 3 phase program with increasing difficulty. This is a departure from traditional yoga, which follows a series of poses.

Yoga can burn calories Dynamic Sequencing can be described as a way to lose calories. It continuously pushes your body to improve, which is a key component of physical change. It also helps new students of yoga build a solid foundation in the initial phase. Dynamic sequencing is also beneficial because it creates a continuous yoga burn challenge. This helps people avoid plateaus that might discourage them from exercising.

Dynamic sequencing, unlike other yoga programs, encourages flexibility and core strength. It is also designed to help women lose fat.

Foundational Flow

This phase will help women build a solid foundation in yoga burn. The proper forms and poses of yoga are taught to prepare them for the more difficult program. Through breathing exercises, this section aims to strengthen the “mind-body connection”.

Transitional flow

This phase combines the movements learned in phase I to create smooth sequences that increase heart rate and burn calories. Each video is focused on one of three large muscle groups: the upper, lower, or core.

Mastery Flow

Phase 3 Mastery Flow is the final phase. In this phase, women combine moves from Phases I and II to create fast sequences that form a specific yoga routine. These exercises help to tone the body and reduce calories. This section focuses on repetitive poses and introduces combinations of body and upper movements.

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