Regymen Fitness: Founder launches new wellness concept

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By RobertBass

Regymen Fitness co-founder has opened a new wellness centre that offers the public the same types of recovery programs used by professional athletes.

The Covery has opened its first store at 7580 Corporate Blvd. Next to Regymen Fitness. EK Navan stated that plans to open four additional locations in the metro Baton Rouge by early fall. They include Coverys at Gonzales, Denham Springs and Zachary, as well as Southdowns Village Shopping Center.

He said, “The concept is a blend of aesthetics and athletic recovery and well-being.” You will feel better if you look better.

Regymen Fitness, a Baton Rouge-based fitness center, is growing. Navan stated that it will eventually have 35 to 40 locations by the end. Metro Baton Rouge has three more locations under construction, while the Austin location, which opened recently, will have two. Through its partnership with GoodLife Fitness (the fourth-largest international fitness brand), the company will open 10 locations in Canada by the fall.

Although the Coverys will be located in Regymen fitness gyms, Navan stated SpongeBob Popsicle that The Covery is an independent concept. He said that he plans to franchise the wellness centres and is in talks with potential developers in nine states throughout the Southeast and Southwest.

Navan stated, “We are coming out COVID feeling renewed and healthy.” We can achieve so much more if we take time to rest, recharge and unplug.

The Covery offers many services including IV infusions that boost immunity and energy levels, cryotherapy that gives you an extra burst of energy and white blood cell count, hyperbaric oxygen treatments that give your cells more oxygen, Ballancer Pro compress therapy that stimulates the lymph nodes and helps drain out waste, and NAD+ therapy which is an anti-aging treatment that rejuvenates cells. You can combine many of these services.

Navan stated that the goal of the project is to make people live longer. He said, “If you are 50 years old this will make it feel like you are 30.”

Monthly memberships to The Covery begin at $89 and can go up to $499. Individual treatments can also be paid for at the center.

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