4 Benefits of Southpaw Scarce Boxing

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By RobertBass

The jab is one of the most popular punches in scarce boxing. It’s extremely effective. Your jab can keep distance between you, your opponent and interrupt his attacks, and allow you to set up larger punches like the cross and the overhand. You can use your jab to maintain a distance or to close it (for instance, if you’re shorter than the opponent boxer and want fight from the inside).

1.Stronger Lead Hooks Make Scarce Boxing More Expensive

I love the lead hook. It’s fast and can be used in both a counter-attack or offensive situation. This punch can be very powerful and often it is hard to see. It is one of the most effective knockout punches. The knockout is usually caused by punches that you can’t see. Imagine being in a southpaw position and throwing a leadhook with your right hand. That can be very devastating. This will give you more knockout potential.

2. Stronger Lead Uppercuts

The lead uppercut is a powerful punch that can be used in close quarters or in the clinch. It can be used to create combinations or counter. This punch was mastered by boxers such as Anthony Joshua and Myke Tyson. Tyson was boxing pose able to use it in many combinations. Joshua used it to stop Scarce Boxing opponents. One of Tyson’s most striking combinations was a lead uppercut on the body, followed by a lead head uppercut.

3. They aren’t prepared for Scarce Boxing

The statistics are in your favor if you’re a right-handed Southpaw boxer. Let me explain: 90% of people are right-handed. This means that the majority of them will remain in an orthodox position. The southpaws make up 10% of the remaining boxers. Let’s assume you are an orthodox fighter. Chances are you’ll spar with other orthodox fighters when you go to the gym. Only 10% of the time you’ll train with southpaws, which is a great scenario.

4. Outside Lead Foot Advantage Scarce Boxing

Two boxers fighting in opposing stances should face each other when their lead feet meet. This is crucial because:

Boxers who place their lead foot outside the opponent’s lead foot have an advantage. He is out of the middle line when he does this. It makes it difficult for him to be caught by the other boxer. The only way his rivals can land something is to throw a lead hook or jab. However, this is difficult to do.

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