Boxing poses workout: How does boxing strengthen your core?

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By RobertBass

Boxing Pose is often viewed as a sport that focuses on strengthening your arms. We are here to change things up and prove it. Boxing pose is more about an upper-body workout than it is an ab workout, contrary to popular belief. We’ve got the answer for you if you have any questions about this myth or want to know more about the oldest combat sport in the world.

Time-Tested Pastime

Boxing is one the oldest combat sports on the planet, having its roots in Ancient Olympic Games Greece. The sport we know and love today has seen a lot of changes since then.

Boxing and Core Strength

It’s hard to not notice the boxers in the ring. Boxing Pose presents a unique challenge as it requires boxers to use their whole body to succeed.

Punching Power

Although punch power begins with the feet and legs, it is only when the core of a fighter can transfer that power. The kinetic chain is actually a key link in the boxer’s body. To transfer energy, every part of your body is connected to one another. However, the chain can only be as strong as its weakest link.

These are the top exercises to build a strong core boxing pose. Start with low intensity training to build your base.


The plank boxing pose is one of the most effective core exercises. It’s a great way to build stamina and strength in your slow-twitch abs.

This exercise requires you to hold the position of a push-up for between 15 and 60 seconds depending on your fitness level. You should keep your back straight and your legs straight. Avoid sagging your hips and bending your hips. Breathe evenly and engage your core.

V-Sit Boxing Pose

Although this exercise is more dynamic than the plank, it still requires you to hold a single position for a brief period.

Start by sitting down on the ground. To stabilize your position, lift your legs to 45 degrees. You can hold this position for between 15 and 60 seconds depending on how fit you are.


Everyone knows about the benefits of crunches for strengthening your core. They are something you probably have done many times if you are just starting your boxing journey. Crunches are simple, but extremely effective.

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