Amazing Backyard Party Ideas for Kids

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By RobertBass

It can be difficult to plan a birthday party at your home. A backyard party is a great way to keep the mess at home. Plus, the kids can have a lot of fun with the party games and activities.

These outdoor party ideas are sure to be a big hit with children. Grapevine provides a variety of concept Escape games. There is something for everybody! There are treasure hunts that children will enjoy and questions and murder mysteries that are suitable for adults. We also have special products for seasonal celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas Easter, Summer, and Christmas.

1. Make-a-Mess Party

You’d be amazed at the fun games you can have when you don’t worry about making a mess. Ask children to wear old clothes, and then let them wash them. Paint-filled water guns, squeeze bottles on one another, or any other fun messy-art idea, ask your children to come in old clothes and let them use (washable!) After they are done, just rinse them off with water.

Make it messy with food: You can make sundaes out of worms in dirt. You can make your own cupcakes, pastas, fruit skewers, popsicles and other desserts using whipped cream. You can give your children paint, glitter glue, play-dough and other mess-making materials as favors.

2. Obstacle Course Party

Fun, challenging challenges will keep kids engaged and entertained. They’ll be familiar with the challenges if they’ve seen Wipeout. You can make a course using yoga balls, tires and slip-and-slide.

This party is a great one because you don’t have to worry about decorating or coordinating food and drink. The obstacles will make them hungry!

3. Outdoor or “Drive-In” Movie Party

You can set up a screen in your backyard, or rent one from a party rental company. Or you can use a dropcloth and projector to show a family-friendly movie outside. You can serve popcorn, gummyworms, and other snacks. For a “drive in”, you can also set up sleeping bags, cushions, and cardboard boxes cars.

4. Wet and Wild Party

You’ll need a “slip-andslide” waterslide and sprinklers. Also, you will need some inflatable pools. Borrow as many as possible! You can also stock up on super soakers, water guns, and water balloons to make it a fun, wet afternoon.

Decorations, food, and drinks can be anything water- or summer-related. Make Swedish fish and ice cream sandwiches, fill buckets full of coloured water balloons, hang beach towels, and then give away goggles or beach towels as party favors.

5. Winter Skating Party, or Snow Party

You thought backyard parties were for hot weather only! Get out there in the snow and bundle up! If you have a backyard pond or want to build your own skaing rink, you can host an ice-skating party.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows, hot popcorn balls or hot buttered popcorn are must-have food items. You can also warm up with s’mores by warming up around a campfire. Party gifts include mittens and mini snow shovels.

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