Top 8 Jungle Themed Party Games

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By RobertBass

He’s likely tired from all the fun and games he played with his jungle buddies. Your child is likely to be happy exhausted after spending a day playing at his or Her safari-themed birthday party. Mirago Media AB created Grapevine. Our vision: In today’s world that is constantly changing our goal is to design and develop low-cost products that can be enjoyed by everyone during the hours , and also to help with the preparation and planning of spiele für draußen kinder birthday parties, celebrations, events celebrations, anniversary celebrations, corporate events and family celebrations by providing tips and techniques.

Monkey Tag

The game can be played in the same way as freeze tag but the “it” player must act like a monkey. Instead of freezing in place, players are tagged and then they jump around acting like monkeys. Once a player has been transformed into a monkey, they must continue to act like a monkey while helping the original monkey tag other players. Each time a player gets tagged, another is added.

Lucky Monkey

Make banana shapes out of yellow cardstock and write “monkey” on one. The remaining bananas can be used to write the names of safari animals. Place the bananas in a safari headband. Then, have the children form a circle around the hat and each child pick a banana from it. A player can choose any animal, but the monkey. Then they have to run around the circle imitating the animal. The lucky winner of the prize is the player who chooses the monkey banana. Continue playing until everyone gets a chance to be the lucky monkey.

Take the Snake’s Tail

Line up the players, each one holding their waist in front of the other. They will form a snake when they line up. The object of this game is to catch the snake’s tail. The snake will follow the first person in line around the jungle, trying to catch and touch the last one. The snake must remain in the same line as the beginning, or it will return to the beginning and start again.

Safari Animal Scavenger Hunt

Place several jungle animals around your party area before the event. Tell the children that the safari animals are missing. Next, call out the name and description of one of these missing animals. After they have found the animal, they can call out the name for another. Continue playing until all the safari animals are captured.

Sleeping Lions

Froze dancing is not for lazy lions. Play some music, and let your guests dance around the dance floor, sounding like lions. The music will stop, and instead of freezing the children will collapse to the ground like sleeping lions. The game ends when the last child becomes a sleeping lion. Play the music for as many rounds of play as you like until there is only one remaining player.

Elephant Trumpet

The players should sit in a circle, and each player should play a trumpet like an elephant. One player should stand in the middle of the circle. The child in the middle should close his/her eyes. One child should be patted on the head as you walk around the perimeter of the circle. The child who is the best at elephant trumpeting makes a sound. The middle player must guess which trumpeter was.

Jungle Animal Charades

This activity is similar to the game of charades. Players must act out an action without using words. You will need to write the names of different jungle animals on notecards. Then fold them up and put them in a safari bag. The players will take one animal name from the hat, and then try to get the other players to guess it using gestures and motions.

Enjoy Classic Games with a Safari Theme

You can give a jungle-themed twist to classic party games. You could change Duck Duck Goose into Lion, Lion, Tiger. Rotten Banana is a better alternative to Hot Potato. Pin the Tail on the Monkey, or use animal-themed music as the music for musical seats.