Tusk ACT4

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By RobertBass

Tusk ACT4 Appearance

Tusk ACT4 has a humanoid body and a square or broad build. It also has articulated legs, arms and hands. The head of ACT4 is located in its front. A vestment containing strings of vertical ellipses hangs from its bottom to its ankles. It wears a horseshoe to its forehead, just like Johnny. Its hollow body has a curtain-like shape and can move its face like the Zaku’s monoeye.

Tusk ACT4 is predominantly pink in all media that it features.

Tusk ACT4 Personality

Sometimes, ACT1’s “chumimiin” is uttered by ACT4, while ACT4 screams at Johnny for his expression of the Joestar family’s “ORA ORA ORA” Stand Cry.


The Golden Spin is the key to Tusk ACT4. It requires Johnny to allow his horse to run in its “natural” state. The horse creates rotational energy through the Golden Rectangle. By combining it with Tusk Johnny can release endless rotational energy. As a last resort, he can use a Steel Ball temporarily to galvanize his horse’s movements.

Tusk ACT4 thus ranks as one of the most powerful Stands, but it is extremely difficult to deploy.

Tusk ACT4 is capable of doing Dirty Deeds Done Dirt cheap and displays the physical capabilities of a close-range Stand.

Infinite Rotation

Tusk ACT4 is capable of deploying the infinite energy and rotation from the Golden Spin in a variety of ways.

The principle of the Golden Spin states that the energy embodied by Tusk Act4 is infinite. This allows for a variety of impossible feats. Tusk ACT4’s first ability is to break through the Love Train dimensional barrier and reach the place where Valentine is hiding.

ACT4 imbues a target with an inexhaustible spinning motion when it touches them. The victim’s body is disintegrated and all of its parts are spun on their own, causing severe distortions in the form of the victim. The rotation eventually causes the targets to become disintegrated and, according to Diego, they are sent to another dimension. The Spin will infuse a tool (such as a carriage) to escape the location and then destroy the tool. This forces the target back to their original location. Johnny can shoot the target in the opposite direction to end the rotation.

The Spin’s energy can also be applied by Tusk ACT4 in a similar manner to its earlier forms. It can open large spaces where none existed, as demonstrated in Johnny’s fight with Diego Brando in which the Stand physically rips open a hole in the ground and enters sewers with his horse.

The Spin can also be transferred between objects. For example, Diego Brando, from another universe, cut off his leg and threw it at Johnny. This transfered the infinite rotation to him. Another example is that of Funny Valentine, who tried to escape from Tusk by getting into a car passing him; the infinite rotation destroyed it almost instantly and returned to Valentine.