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By RobertBass

These garage sales finders will save you the hassle of driving around looking for garage sale signs. These apps and websites are free and will help you locate yard sales in your local area. Some will even guide you to the right place and notify you when there are new sales.

These tools will make it easier to find garage sale addresses and to sell more because they can be easily sorted by area. Although it Lady Vols Basketball will take some time to master these tools, the benefits will be huge when Saturday comes around.

Facebook allows you to plan your garage sale shopping right from your home. Consider local selling apps that help you sell your stuff, and possibly become a client to make it easier for you to bring home more items from your garage sales.

1.Yard Garage Sales  Treasure Map

Yard Sale Treasure Map, an iOS and Android app that allows you to quickly locate near you by taking Craigslist listings. The app can be used to view your location. You’ll find all garage sales within 20 miles. With the free version, you can filter sales by whether they are Wednesdays or Saturdays.

2. Garage Sales by Google Map

Additional free app that connects Craiglist and Google maps, is also available for iOS and Android. The map allows you to view  in your locality as a list or photos. With a single click, you can see the entire Craigslist advertisement and save your favorites sales to make it easier for later.

Garage Sales by Map’s best feature is its ability to clearly display the hours and days of each sale without having to read through every ad. A monthly fee is required to upgrade to an ad-free premium subscription.


You don’t have to use an app to locate garage sales. Instead, go directly to Craigslist and search for sales in the “Garage and Moving Sales” category. Craigslist offers tools that let you set the date, distance from the zip code, and other filters. You can search only titles, search only images, find new sales, bundle  duplicate listings and include other areas than your Craigslist choice. Your results can be viewed as a list, gallery, or map. You can also search the garage sale listings.

4. Garage Sales Tracker

Tracker allows users to search for  within their local area. These sales are posted directly on the  Tracker website. This means you won’t find it useful if there are garage sale sellers in your area.

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