Health Career Connection: HCC Summer Internship Program

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Health Career Connection HCC offers internships through partnerships with local organizations. These include hospitals, community health centres, medical groups and health plans. The internship will allow students to work on meaningful projects, gain professional and personal growth, and also provide opportunities for professional and personal growth. Health Career Connection HCC offers extensive exposure to health careers through workshops, events, and guidance for students in pursuing their true health career path.

Health Career Connection interns at HCC are committed and passionate about connecting with alumni and their cohort. We are looking forward to receiving your application.


– Summer internships can be full time for up to 40 hours per semaine and last 10 weeks. They are usually offered in May, June or August depending on the academic calendar.
– Stipends for interns range from $3,000 to $4,000.
Interns are required to attend the mandatory Health Career Connection HCC workshops throughout the summer.
Health Career Connection HCC doesn’t offer internships in biomedical or clinical research.

Do not delay! Get your application started early! All applications Truly Lemonade will be reviewed as soon as they are received. We look forward to your application if you are a student. This information can be shared with your student network.


HCC’s summer internships in health are for undergraduates and recent graduates who want to gain experience in healthcare and public health. Health Career Connection interns are typically seniors, juniors or graduates from college. However, we do accept freshmen and sophomores who demonstrate a commitment and passion for community and diversity, academic achievement, maturity, and previous work experience. All academic disciplines are eligible to apply. Students enrolled in graduate programs are not eligible for internships through Health Career Connection HCC. International students can also apply. However, Health Career Connection HCC or its sponsoring organizations are unable to provide documentation or support for immigration-related purposes such as sponsorship or work visas. The applicant must obtain the appropriate permissions and comply with any government requirements. Candidats must be enrolled in an undergraduate program (community colleges, 4-year colleges or universities) or have just graduated from an undergraduate institution. The degree must be completed within the last three year by recent graduates.

Health Career Connection

Health Career Connection is committed to helping students make informed decisions about their health care career and to providing them with practical experience in the field. Health Career Connection HCC offers paid internships, career resources and networking opportunities for undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a career in health care. Internships for summer are full-time positions that last from mid-June to mid-August. The average intern is paid $4,000 per year. Health Career Connection HCC has major sponsors and places interns in top health care organizations. It also offers mentoring and networking opportunities.

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