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The release looked almost identical to the existing hard seltzers. Each 12-ounce serving has 100 calories, 1 gram sugar and 5 percent ABV — the exact same as lemonade Hard Seltzers.

Truly lemonade says the real difference is in the release’s flavor profile, which Truly describes as “a mixture of hard and lemonade that delivers the crisp, clean taste and bolder lemonade flavor.”

Mark Anthony Brands makes lemonade that is Truly lemonade delicious

Those who have been following the evolution of hard seltzer will be aware of the irony in this release. while lacking nutritional values, is essentially Sims 4 Wedding a carbon copy Mike’s Hard Lemonade, produced Mark Anthony Brands. White Claw can also be found in.

According to Truly Lemonade’s press release, “Compared to hard lemonades in the market that have more than 30g of sugar and 220 calories per 12-ounce portion, Truly Lemonade has only a fraction of these sugars and calories.” In case you were wondering, these numbers are identical to Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s nutritional value.

How do they compare?

Five VinePair staff members blind tasted Truly’s Hard Seltzer and Mike’s Hard on Thursday afternoon to decide which was the best. Here are the opinions of our tasters.


The only difference between these drinks is the color. Mike’s Hard has a refreshing, cloudy, icy color that is similar to Minute Maid . However, much less appealing. One taster said, “If this was in a clear glass bottle on a shelf I would be like, “Is there anything wrong with it?” Another taster thought it looked like “dirty water from the shower.”

Each drink had its own distinct aromas. Most tasters thought Mike’s Hard smelled like actual , albeit commercially-produced, artificial , rather than the freshly-squeezed style mom serves on a hot summer day.

Truly’s descriptors included “chemicals”, “litter box”, and “passionfruit” — but not in good taste. No one said the drink Sims 4 Wedding smelled like lemonade or lemonade.

Their flavor is the most striking difference between these two drinks. Mike’s Hard tastes significantly sweeter than Truly’s, which is not surprising considering it has 30 times more sugar. It is very tasty, especially when compared to Truly’s offering which was heavily flavored with stevia. One panelist stated that it tastes similar to diet Sprite.

Truly Lemonade’s effervescence is a consolation. It is more lively than Mike’s Hard . This is a characteristic that most drinkers were searching for in this type of drink.


  • Mango Lemonade

VinePair staff describe it as “Juicy Juice” with a taste similar to “a children’s drink”. Mango is difficult to get down on the tongue or nose, as both have a more tropical flavor. The stevia blends more smoothly in this case and most tasters loved it. One panelist stated that she would make the “White Girl Wasted” version and add vodka.

  • Strawberry Lemonade

The hard is once again biased towards products that appeal to children. “It tastes like a push pop,” according to one taster, while others thought it had a bathroom-product-like perfume. It resemblance to strawberry was more common than strawberry, according to all.

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