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Women’s empowerment and resilience. Niky Hamilton, women’s resilience coach. Each episode will give you insight on Synergy Women’s Health and wellbeing. This is a way to build women’s resilience. Niky is a qualified physiotherapist and a yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor, as well as a Dr. Demartini facilitator and wellness retreat facilitator. A passion for inspiring women to overcome grief and other life challenges, Niky is a facilitator of wellness retreats.

Do More Exercise

It’s a great time to get started Health Career Connection with a fitness program. While exercise is great for everyone, male and female alike, it also has unique benefits for Synergy Women’s Health. Exercise can help you lose weight, manage your weight, prevent osteoporosis and other conditions as you age. You can do it at any age, from a teenager to a senior citizen and even during your childbearing years. It is a healthy habit that you should start developing right away. Are you having trouble getting started with your exercise program? Are you worried about injury? We offer small group therapy classes at Synergy Physio that can be tailored to your needs.

You should be focusing on your nutrition

You should not only exercise but also eat better. You don’t need to follow fad diets to lose weight. Instead, choose a healthier way to eat that will become a regular part of your daily life. Consider longevity when choosing foods. Choose foods that are healthy, nutritious, easy to cook, and good for your health. Low-carb may not be right for you if bread is your favorite food. If you’re a big fan of protein, then you may be able to do well on Paleo or Keto. You can choose what you need, and what is most convenient for your lifestyle.

Do not neglect your mental synergy women’s health

This is the best time to develop healthy habits for your mental well-being. Many people, especially women, neglect their mental well-being. It is important to take care of your mental health as it can have an effect on your physical well-being. Regular exercise, eating healthy, keeping a journal, and self-care can all help improve your mental health. Find out more self-care tips and tricks for women here.

Spend time with your loved ones

It’s easy to become a hermit, and live a life of work, eating, and sleeping. But it is vital for your health and well-being that you have a regular habit of visiting other people. Plan for social connections with friends and family. Reach out to people you don’t spend much time with such as neighbours or co-workers.

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