How to choose outdoor furniture

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By RobertBass

It’s time for outdoor furniture to be exposed as the weather warms. Sometimes though, the furniture from last season doesn’t look as good as it used to and entertainers need to find new seating options. There are many options! The same goes for first-time outdoor furniture shoppers who can be overwhelmed by all the styles and options available. Here are some tips to help you navigate the maze of options when shopping for outdoor seating or dining options. Wicker Warehouse is proud to offer a complete range of Wicker Furniture. We have our own designs and are made by our partners factories. We represent some of America’s most prestigious brands, such as South Sea Rattan, Designer Wicker, Lane Venture and South Sea Rattan. It is a huge advantage to be able to design our own furniture and have partner factories. We have a good understanding of what it takes to make quality furniture. We can tell the difference between quality and low-quality products. There are many web sites that sell wicker. Even the largest names in the industry are master marketers who sell wicker furniture. We specialize in Wicker Porch Swings. You can depend on us to deliver high-quality products.

Outdoor furniture adds comfort and functionality to your patio or deck. It also allows indoor spaces to be moved outdoors. For example, a weather-proof table with chairs brings your dining area outside, while Adirondack or rocking chairs provide a covering of blue sky for the ceiling. The first step to deciding on the right furniture for your outdoor space is to consider how you will use it. Are you looking to enjoy meals on your deck or sit by the fire on your patio? Are you looking to host large gatherings or smaller intimate events? These questions will help you decide what kind of product to purchase.

Material Selection

Choose furniture that is easy to maintain and that complements the look and feel of your home and landscape when shopping for furniture. There are many choices.

Natural wood is strong and durable, but it needs to be protected from the elements and treated with UV-protective treatments. Redwood, teak and cedar are weather-resistant woods that need less maintenance.

Rattan and Wicker. Natural materials such as rattan or wicker can provide a casual and comfortable look to your deck. However, they will need weatherproofing every few year. The resin finish on synthetic rattan or wicker will last much longer.

Steel and Wrought Iron. Both are very sturdy and will require cushions for comfort. These materials are great for outdoor use, but they will need to be weatherproofed and painted regularly to avoid rust.

Aluminum, plastic and PVC. These materials are lightweight, rustproof, and inexpensive. They can also be easily maintained with just a little soapy water. Because of their light weight, these materials may need to be protected from high winds or storms due to the fragility of their construction.

These materials will keep furniture looking new for many years. To extend the furniture’s life expectancy, it is important to keep it warm throughout the winter, regardless of how weather-resistant the material. Before you buy, think about how much storage space you have. Also, test before you buy. Sit in the chairs and put the umbrella up and down. You should feel comfortable and the ease of use.

High Quality

Don’t think that the price of furniture is the best indicator for quality. How can you determine what furniture is of good quality?

Consistency in finish. Smooth sanding should ensure that wood is free from flaws. This includes hidden areas like the underside of the tabletop. All painted metals must have a uniform finish. The frame should not have wicker that is loosely or unravelling.

Good fitting joints. The surface of metal welds must be smooth. Metal should not have any bare areas, unpainted or worse, rust spots.

Make sure the chairs don’t flex or wobble (some flexibility is acceptable, especially for tubular metal chairs that are springy). After the table is assembled, do the same.

The return and exchange policy of the retailer. In case your items arrive damaged or unfinished, please notify the retailer immediately.


As indoor spaces, outdoor living spaces can be enhanced with a variety of colors, textures, and accessories. Throw pillows and cushions provide great comfort and encourage guests to stay. Make sure you buy outdoor-specific products to ensure they are weatherproof. Solution-dyed acrylic is a popular choice, as well as spun polyester. They resist water, mildew, and staining.