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Sid Toy Story was Andy’s sociopath next door neighbor until the Davis family moved in near the end. A black shirt with a picture of a skull is what he wears. Sid, a toy terrorizer, is introduced at the beginning of the film when he blows up a Combat Carl using an M-80 with his dog Scud, his toy-chewing companion. Andy’s toys are shocked to see him returning to his old ways so quickly, as if he was expelled from summer camp in the early part of this year. Andy and his family later that day go to Pizza Planet where Sid is also. The Crane Game is what catches Andy’s attention after he plays Whack-an Alien. Sid Toy Story grabs an Alien and notices Buzz Lightyear playing the Crane Game.

Sid Toy Story chases Buzz and hooks Woody onto his foot (as he tried desperately to save Buzz but the Aliens wouldn’t allow him to). Scud greets him after he returns from skateboarding with his toys in his backpack. He then gives the alien a vicious chew. After seeing Hannah and her Janie doll, Scud runs up to Hannah’s room, grabs the Janie doll and slams it in Hannah’s face. As he prepares for his double-bypass brain surgery, he pulls out his Pterodactyl doll. He then places Janie’s Pterodactyl head on Janie and opens the door to show Hannah. Hannah runs to report to her mother. Sid leaps up and throws the mutant toy on the floor, accusing Hannah of lying.

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Sid gone, Woody searches his room for a way out. But the door is locked, and he can’t escape. Woody attempts to find a way out but discovers that Sid had disassembled toys and reassembled them in bizarre combinations. Sid then tortures Buzz with a drill bit spin (as seen in a deleted sequence), and then takes Woody to the floor and throws him across, pretending to question him. He then opens the window shade to let in the sun. Then he takes out a magnifying lens and focuses the beam of sunlight on Woody’s forehead. Sid’s mom then interrupts him and tells him that his Pop-Tarts have been prepared.

Sid Toy Story later returns to his bedroom with the firework rocket he ordered in the mail. It is called “The Big One”. To his amusement, he plans to destroy one of his toys using the rocket. He initially intended to blast up the “wimpy cattleboy doll”, but he fails to locate him. (Woody was hiding under a nearby milk container). After accidentally stepping on Buzz’s rocket, he taps it on Buzz and claims that he always wanted to “put an astronaut into orbit”. Sid is disappointed to learn that he has to postpone the launch because of a sudden storm or, as he says, “adverse weather conditions at launch site”. This delay allows Woody and Buzz to reconcile and embrace one another overnight.

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Sid Toy Story wakes up the next morning by his mutant alarm clock. Buzz takes him outside to blow him up. Woody, Buzz and the other mutant toys plot a way of taking revenge on Sid Toy Story for their treatment. Sid is made more nervous when the toys suddenly appear from nowhere. Woody tells Sid that he will take good care of his toys because they will be able to see if he doesn’t. Sid is shocked to see Woody come to life and say “So play nice” right in front of him. He screams, then retreats into his house, scared that the toys are alive. Hannah, who just got a doll, takes joy in scaring Sid Toy Story even more with it. He then starts to cry because he’s so scared.

Woody uses Sid’s rocket to move Andy to Andy’s house. He also helps RC with his batteries. Buzz and Woody then skyrocket together, while Buzz opens his wings to remove the tapes holding him to the rocket. The rocket climbed a few feet before exploding to smithereens.

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