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SkyWater Technology Foundry promotes Gregg Damminga as Vice President Foundry Services

SkyWater Technology Foundry has announced the promotion of Gregg Damminga as Vice President of Foundry Services. Damminga, in his new role, will be responsible for the planning, production control, and industrial engineering of all foundry customers.

Damminga was appointed tennis racket clipart Director of Foundry Engineering following the acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor Corp.’s 200mm semiconductor wafer manufacturing plant in Bloomington, Minn., by skywater technology foundry. Damminga, along with his team, were responsible for the development of novel silicon-based semiconductors, MEMs and superconducting processes for Cypress customers. This was a position Damminga held since 2006. He was also a major driver in the creation and expansion of the Cypress Specialty Foundry Business Unit, which is a key area of business growth for SkyWater.

SkyWater CEO Gary Obermiller stated that the facilities’ specialty foundry capabilities were a key difference for SkyWater. They offer a crucial service for companies bringing new and innovative products on to market. “Gregg’s knowledge and expertise in the facility, as well as our team’s capabilities, will be crucial to growing customer engagements and the advancement of the ‘Technology Foundry’ concept.”

Damminga says that the Technology Foundry concept simplifies the realization complex products. It helps customers design, build and scale wafer-based products using the sophistication and automation of a full-scale semiconductor manufacturing environment.

Damminga stated that the Technology Foundry concept was an exciting prospect. It uniquely positions skywater technology foundry for helping innovators bring new products to market. “I embrace the opportunity to bring this idea and its promise of faster speed-to-market to mint mobile referral our customers in the Internet of Things and medical, photonics, and superconducting sectors.”

Damminga, a semiconductor chip veteran with more than 30 years experience in the industry, is a true expert. He has held various management and individual roles in Process Engineering and Development, Equipment Maintenance, Manufacturing, Planning and Production Control, Purchasing, Human Resources, and Training throughout his career. After starting his career at Texas Instruments, he worked at STMicroelectronics, TSMC and then joined Cypress Semiconductor.

Damminga has a MS and BS degree with highest distinction in Materials Science, both from Northwestern University. Damminga, a Northwestern student, was a two-year starter on the Wildcat football team. He also earned Academic All Big Ten honors. Damminga, a Minnesota resident, is also co-owner, with his wife Debbie, of Twin Cites Barbell. This private gym specializes in Powerlifting.

SkyWater Technology Foundry

SkyWater, a U.S.-based technology findry, specializes in the development and manufacture of a variety of semiconductor-based solutions. SkyWater is a DMEA-trusted facility that has advanced development capabilities and volume production. This allows SkyWater to innovate at any scale using a variety of special materials. SkyWater’s roots are in the pioneers of computing technology. As such, we offer a wealth of technology innovation experience that is unmatched by other foundries. SkyWater can revolutionize your product. Reach out today.

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