How to tell a fake “MCM Backpack” from a real one

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A fake MCM backpack can be distinguished by certain features only a genuine one has. To make sure that the bag is authentic, you should carefully examine it.

Find out the Differences Between Authentic and Fake MCM Backpacks

A genuine MCM backpack will not lose its shape and collapse on itself. These bags are made from high-quality leather and other premium materials. A great way to test if your bag can stand on its own is to place it on a flat surface.

Compare Bag Shapes and Sizes

It is easy to compare the size and shape Synergy Women’s Health of your MCM backpack to the one on the MCM website. If they are different, it is possible that you have a fake MCM bag.

MCM Backpack Zippers

Make sure that the zippers you use are made of metal. YKK is the most popular zip brand for MCM backpacks. To ensure that you do not have a counterfeit MCM backpack, check the zipper slider.

MCM backpack Hardware

Although the metal hardware is usually gold toned, some bags have cobalt or 14k-gold plated hardware. You should not have any cracking, flaking, or chipping.

MCM Tag Featured inside Bag

A company tag was included in the bags when MCM was sold by Sungjoo Group to 2005. The MCM logo is on one side, while Made in Korea and Made in Italy are on the other. This tag should be missing from bags manufactured between 2005-present day.

Fake MCM backpack Lining or a Real One

The inner lining shouldn’t be too stiff or tight. The leather should not be too tight or loose. It should be soft and fit perfectly into the interior of the bag. The MCM fabric lining is not like other designer bags. It can have a different look and pattern depending on the bag.

MCM Logo

The MCM logo is easily identifiable and is followed by the registered trademark sign, r. The MCM letters are placed above the two bay leaf boughs that extend the letter’s width. The bay leaf wreath is made up of the ends and ends of a ribbon that arch downwards and then upwards. The ribbon ends fall to either side. The logo’s upper ribbon arch connects to the baby-leaf wreath on either side.

A Strangely High Number of Bay Leaves in Wreath

Count the individual bay leaves of the wreath. There should be nine leaves on each side, and eight on the right. If you find anything different, it means that your backpack is fake MCM. The word MUNCHEN is hidden beneath the ribbon and wreath. You may have a fake MCM backpack if this is not present.

MCM Font Issues

It is fake if the MCM letters are not in the correct font or size. The bag may not be authentic MCM backpack if the letters are too thick, or too thin.

Logo Pattern and Quality Print

Consistency is important for leather and fabric printing quality. The logo should be distinct and clear. Any unusualities can indicate a counterfeit bag.

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